Best Printing Services From Start to Finish

Like all other printers in the country we have similar equipment and all know how to put ink on paper. While quality is our absolute goal where we truly excel is in customer service and the relationships that we build with our customers.


While no client occupies over 10% of our business, we are able to offer all of our clients the most flexible scheduling system in the business. We do not force production deadlines set by us, we bend to when your files are ready. We work for our clients, our clients do not work for us. We understand the complexity of putting together a publication or marketing piece and also understand the projected file dates cannot always be met. If you are running late we will do whatever is physically possible to still meet your original deadline or mail date.


Once you ok your PDF proof, Sutherland will produce a color accurate physical proof that is then reviewed internally by three additional staff members plus your sales person as a final check for any possible errors or anything else that could hinder the quality of your piece. Sutherland stands out as the only company that still proofreads for you and we do it out of a commitment to quality…at no cost to you.


Yes, presses are pretty much the same, different brands, but can pretty much perform in the same manner. At Sutherland our pressroom is configured in press size and units (both straight printing and perfecting) to serve our clients the best and most economical. Also our all Heidelberg pressroom is structured to fit into our niche of publication and catalog production offering the capacity of over 9,600,000 pages weekly. As important, in Sutherland's pressroom our operators (all trained at Sutherland) match perfectly calibrated color proofs that a lot of our clients see firsthand. We do not run to densities as many shops do. Our pressroom has been certified in SWAP, Greco and now G7 standards. This is simply a measuring devise to us, beautiful rich color is what we are known for and will remain OUR standard.


Sutherland is so deadline orientated that we have the bindery process down to a science and we can immediately follow the presses once they are complete.  This helps us hit those important turnaround times.  Having multiple machines in each step of the process; including in house perfect binding; enables us to achieve this.


Take advantage of our centralized location in the United States to help reduce mail transit time along with postage costs.  Our inkjet capabilities enable us to address directly onto virtually any coating or polybag.  Having an on staff certified mail technician helps reduce the work and struggle of working with the USPS.  Have a mail question?  Just ask us.