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Founded in 1956, the Sutherland family has deep roots in the printing industry dating back to the 1700's with Dave Sutherland III being an apprentice in a print shop. It wasn't long after this that the Sutherlands started printing on their own. The Sutherland family started printing in the 1930's, publishing a newspaper and producing it using the letterpress method. That newspaper was one of the first in the country to convert to today's method of offset lithography.

The family started in commercial printing in 1956 after selling the newspaper. That commercial shop had one press, one paper cutter and three employees. Sutherland Companies, still pioneering in technology today, specialize in magazine and catalog production. Sutherland Companies work with publishers across the country compiling right at 100 titles. Dave Junior (IX) is the fourth generation to be in the business based out of Montezuma.


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