I made a good choice
Thanks go out to you and your staff for making me feel very comfortable that I made a good choice in moving these journals to Sutherland Printing.
I am VERY happy
Thanks for everything. You guys always go above and beyond the call of duty for us. We do appreciate it. Please tell everyone in the plant I said I am very happy to say I have our material printed at Sutherland Printing.
Small, closely held, family printer
Great day in the morning! The overrun copies came today –double boxed!! What a thoughtful (and practical!!) thing to do. My former large corporate printer could never think of doing that. One more reason for working with your smaller, closely held, family printer. Tell you “Pres” and yourself a great big THANKS!!
Thanks Sutherland
I think Sutherland Printing does try harder and is the best. You can quote me on that.
Great job printing
Thank you for a great job printing my magazine and catching all the little things I seem to miss.
Really happy with print quality
Just got the magazine yesterday. It looks FABULOUS! Nice deep colors and good black and white contrast. I’m REALLY happy with the printing quality!
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